About me


My work explores and takes inspiration from the perceived value of traditional gemstones and their settings. By considering the structures and facets that draw people to precious gemstones, my work focuses on the beauty to be found within the construction of a faceted stone.

Whereas imperfections are traditionally undesirable in gemstones, my work emphasises the flaws that make each stone unique. By creating pieces that emphasise the idea of inclusions and defects, I transform these imperfections into significant and distinctive features of my work. By referencing larger stones in my pieces, I encourage the wearer to consider where value lies. Are my pieces aesthetically valuable to them because of the bold symmetrical structures I employ, or are they valuable because of the traditionally revered luminescent and light refracting qualities of the stones themselves?

Currently I am exploring the use of kinetic stone setting techniques to create pieces in which the stone appears to be freed from its setting. I use advanced digital technologies throughout the creation of my work to further explore the role of traditional stone setting techniques within contemporary jewellery design.


My new website is finally up and running! Please contact me with any requests or questions.

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